Living Hope Southeast Clinic Services

Living Hope has always been committed to providing behavioral health treatment in a setting which offers the most convenience, flexibility, privacy, and freedom to our clients. For this reason, outpatient clinic services have consistently been an important part of our program. For almost twenty years, Living Hope has provided behavioral health services from clinic locations in Central Arkansas and in Texarkana. Living Hope Southeast continues that tradition by providing an array of clinic-based outpatient behavioral health services from several locations in Central Arkansas. Children, adolescents, and adults have access to therapy, medication management, and psychological testing at clinics in Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Monticello. Office hours are convenient, and our clinicians offer flexible schedules to provide the greatest opportunity to meet the individual needs of our clients.

School-Based Services

Living Hope Southeast offers intensive behavioral health treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in public school settings across Central Arkansas. Through collaboration and coordination with local school districts, students have access to an array of professional and para-professional services without leaving their school campus. School administrators work with Living Hope Southeast to provide a safe and confidential setting for clients to receive intensive services from our psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers. Through this school partnership, Living Hope Southeast is able to ensure the safety and success of its clients with minimal disruption to their normal educational activities.

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