Clinic Nurse – Little Rock

Job Summary: Responsible for coordinating, completing and documenting activities that assist with clinical activities in the psychiatric clinic.

Essential Functions:

1. Assists with comprehensive assessments on new and continuing clients – compiling, collecting, and evaluating both the medical and mental health history; and assessing current symptoms.

2. Assists with medication pre-authorizations, refills and consent forms.

3. Assists with clinical documentation as required.

4. Completes and documents information needed for disability claims.

5. Ensures that the Continuity of Care documentation is provided to clients per policy.

6. Communicates and collaborates with families and other community healthcare workers and educators, etc., to assists clients with medical needs.

7. Answers clinical concerns for the client and ensures that a smooth check out occurs after appointments with the physician. Assists with trouble-shooting appointment needs.

8. Monitors client Treatment Plans for clinical review and documents as needed.

9. Assures Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and Serious Mental Illness (SMI) forms are completed when needed.

10. Tracks Quality Certification client requirements for Episodes of Care (i.e. ADHD, ODD, etc.) and enters data into the Medicaid Portal.

11. Provides client education.

12. Communicates with Third Parties when necessary to obtain approval and access to services for clients.

13. Collaborates with team on crisis intervention planning and assessment when required.

14. May assist with arrangements for clients needing to be hospitalized.

15. Other Clinic Nurse duties:

• efficiently uses electronic medical record

• collects general measurements (BP, height, weight, temperature, etc.)

• acting as chaperone for doctors

• provides health promotion – ie. smoking cessation, etc.

• assesses medical equipment (insures in proper working order)

• uses infection control processes (includes sanitizing equipment)

• keeps updated for clinical emergencies e.g. CPR, CPI

16. May assist with PI Collection, Analysis, or research complaints.

17. Recommends activities to meet standards.

Secondary Functions: Other duties as may be assigned by manager


· Educational/Skills: Psychiatric nursing experience with EMR proficiency desired. Familiar with computers.

· Licensure: Current License as a nurse to practice in Arkansas.