"Some people are strengthened by failure, and others are defeated by it. Who survives and who does not has little to do with money or advantage; it depends more on inner strength of character, a primitive toughness that protects the self and will not let mere external events destroy it. This kernal of survival is a precious possession, and discovering it is one of the very real rewards of failure." -- Linda Gottlieb, Carole Hyatt

Living Hope Outpatient Services

Living Hope Southeast provides a comprehensive array of behavioral health services for adults, adolescents, children, and their families. It is Living Hope's belief that human beings need more than just help to overcome mental illness; they also need hope.


Living Hope has developed a comprehensive program for outpatient services, which addresses the physical, psychological, sociological and spiritual needs of our clients.

Hope is an act of expectation of some good thing in the future. Our program is designed to inspire those who actively participate, to seek total health and a new-fashioned expectation for continued wellness. Hope is also experienced with the support and encouragement of others. Thus, hope must in some way be an act of community whether it be family, church, or nation - or just two people or a small group struggling together to produce improvement in the other.


Our caring and well-trained staff understands this concept of hope, and endeavors to provide a safe, warm, and inspirational environment tailored to each client's individual needs.